grateful workbook

Start by finding a little bit of good

What if Thanksgiving was not just one day a year, but a day that reminds you to notice what is good and give thanks each and every day?

Gratitude is a practice and can be learned. Especially in times of challenge and despair, gratitude practice can be the antidote.

This workbook is your tool for becoming more grateful. It is filled with simple Jewish spiritual practices and worksheets that are applicable to anyone, as well as music & poetry.

Grateful: Your Gratitude Workbook

By Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

Guidance From Rabbi Jill
"You can use the workbook as a guide and journal, or discuss it in a small group.
The workbook is optimized for printing."

Download the Grateful Workbook

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Can we find good when things are bad?

You get good at gratitude by noticing what is working – whether it is the simple beauty around you or infusing your day with moments of appreciation.

The workbook includes worksheets, blessings, and practices that you can incorporate into your morning, bedtime, and throughout your day.

grateful workbook page
grateful workbook page
grateful workbook page

Look for a little bit of good, even in the midst of personal & global suffering

When we search for the good, even the tiniest amounts, we lift ourselves up, and as we do, we increase our ability to see others and ourselves through a positive lens.

Researchers have shown that when you engage in a regular gratitude practice, you can actually alter the wiring of your brain.

Rabbi Zimmerman is a Rabbi-At-Large who teaches widely on the intersection of spirituality and mindfulness. She offers spiritual counseling,  teaches widely & officiates lifecycle events &.  She founded and leads Hineni, a Jewish spirituality & mindfulness community. Rabbi Jill is a spiritual activist and speaks out on issues of our time from a Jewish perspective. Rabbi Jill is available for Scholar-in-Residence retreats and workshops.

Download the Grateful Workbook