A Time for Healing...

The desire for healing our bodies and souls, relationships, and minds is both ancient and deeply relevant right now.

As human beings, we are fragile and get broken. We also have the power to heal, even when there is no cure.

Healing includes teachings about how we think about pain and suffering. You will find prayers and blessings for illness and emotional, mental, and spiritual distress. There is a blessing for receiving the vaccine, and on ambiguous loss, when you lose someone to dementia or estrangement.

Healing: Your Guide
For Soul & Body

By Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

This ebook is intended to be a resource for individuals and communities.

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To meet this particular moment in time, several prayers are dedicated to the challenges of the pandemic: blessings for those who are ill, for caregivers and health workers; and a blessing for isolation.

The e-book includes music and poetry, and resources for further exploration.


Begin Healing

Healing contains beautiful original modern writings and blessings, as well as sources of comfort that are centuries old.

When we bring presence and acknowledgment and compassion to pain, we bring light. As sure as morning follows night, we can begin to have faith in the process of change.

Rabbi Zimmerman is a Rabbi-At-Large who teaches widely on the intersection of spirituality and mindfulness. She offers spiritual counseling,  teaches classes & officiates lifecycle events.  She founded and leads Hineni, a Jewish spirituality & mindfulness community. Rabbi Jill is a spiritual activist and speaks out on issues of our time from a Jewish perspective. Rabbi Jill is available for Scholar-in-Residence retreats and workshops.

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