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FREE Intro Video Series with Rabbi Jill Zimmerman:

How to Navigate Challenging Times

Walking A Path To Being Present

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When times are difficult, learn how a spiritual toolkit can bring calm to your life.

You may not have control over what happens, but you choose how to respond.

You realize one day that some journeys you choose to go on, and other journeys choose you. The world has many challenges - learn how to walk through this time.  

For some of you, this is personal - a new loss or recent illness, aging, or a time of great transition.  

For others, the state of our nation is a constant stress - you take on the suffering you see, you feel your values being torn apart, you’re on high alert most of the time. You may be fearful or angry or outraged.  

And most have BOTH going on. You might not choose what happens to you—or the time you are born into—but you ALWAYS choose how you respond. 

Would you like to learn to choose to make meaning from the raw experiences of your life?  

Do you want to walk through this time with PRESENCE & JOY & INSPIRATION—in a community of peers who are supportive?  

Would you like to find an oasis of stillness—to know when to take a break, when to seek inspiration, and when to ask for help? The truth is that we all need reminders to remember what is important.

During This Free Video Series, You Will Learn:

  • How to be present, no matter what is happening either externally or internally. At each moment, you choose if you want to face the truth, or deny what is happening around you. Learn how to make meaning from the situations you find yourself in by asking certain questions.

  • How to balance your primary deep concerns that "keep you up at night", and also seek joy. When times are difficult, it is essential to have a spiritual toolkit that allows you to see clearly, nourish your soul, and strengthen your ability to cope.

  • How people who survived dark times managed to emerge with great wisdom. We have a great deal to learn from people who hold hope in the face of tragedy and darkness Their messages contain great wisdom for us today about how to be resilient and gain strength from the things we can control.

  • Practical steps you can take today to be more awake and calm in your life. There are two ways you can begin to be more mindful in your daily life. We explore ways of facing our deepest concerns and at the same time pursue a perspective of joy and gratitude. Learn what steps you can take to build tolerance for challenging moments.

  • There are stages in any life journey. We will look where we each are individually in our personal path to being present. We will discuss distinct stages on the spiritual pathway and how to make meaning of the life journey we are on.  

About Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

Rabbi Jill practices and teaches mindfulness through the lens of Jewish wisdom. After decades of working in the non-profit sector, she attended rabbinic school at Hebrew Union College, motivated by a desire to spend the second half of her life sharing the creativity and beauty of Judaism. After several years of being a congregational rabbi, she felt deeply drawn to braid together mindfulness practices with Jewish tradition & mysticism. Rabbi Jill is a social activist, involved in issues of immigrant and refugee justice, equality for all, and climate change.

Rabbi Jill
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