Hineni: Your Path to Presence

with Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

Join us for Hineni Week

You are invited to experience Hineni for a week. We are holding all of our regular sessions, open to anyone who would like to participate.

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Hineni Week
February 1-4

Join us for any or all of our regular Hineni gatherings this week. Our topic is Bedtime Jewish Spiritual Rituals.

You are also welcome to join us for Shabbat meditation on Friday night.

Sessions are one hour. You will be emailed the link to join the live sessions upon registration.

Bedtime Jewish Rituals

  • Hineni Session: Tuesday, February 1 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time // 8:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Hineni Session: Thursday, February 3 at 9:30 AM Pacific Time // 12:30 PM Eastern Time

Learn the profound and practical spiritual practices of going to bed with compassion and forgiveness. Using ancient wisdom combined with modern poetry and heart-warming music, you will be able to create a practice that works for you. Tuesday, Feb 1 or Thursday, Feb 3.

Shabbat Meditation

  • Shabbat: Friday, February 4 at 4:30 PM Pacific Time // 7:30 PM Eastern Time

Shabbat is a time to take a breath from the week of doing. It is a resting place to just be. Our Hineni Shabbat includes meditation, music, and poetry. We also say Healing prayers and Kaddish. It is not a typical Shabbat "service." Friday, Feb 4.


What is Hineni?

Hineni* is a vibrant Jewish spiritual community and a haven for people seeking mindful learning and deep connection.

Hineni members describe our community as an oasis - a calm within the storm, and a rich source of inspiration that adds meaning to our daily lives.

We walk a path to becoming more present, guided by texts and wisdom from Jewish tradition, as well as poetry and music.

There are many ways to participate. We meet virtually for learning several times a month and have a Shabbat-

Meditation each Friday night, which we began during the pandemic. We often bring in talented teachers and musicians and poets to share their wisdom and inspiration.

Our learning together features guiding texts that point us to different aspects of being present, as well as spiritual practices to seat that knowledge in practical ways. For those that want to build deeper interpersonal connections, we offer small groups for studying our mindfulness texts.

What makes Hineni so special are the values that guide everything we do: you are accepted and welcomed just as you are, whatever your level of Jewish knowledge or experience. We honor the life experience and personal stories that each person brings. We value personal warmth and relationships. And - we share joy and laughter together as well as support in times of illness and loss.

Fundamentally, we believe, as Jewish tradition teaches, that each one of us is created in the image of the Divine. We believe that becoming more present is about uncovering, revealing and being the unique person we were put here on earth to be.

*Hineni, in Hebrew, means “I am present.”

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A Path with Heart by Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman is the founding rabbi of Path With Heart, which offers inclusive spiritual experiences and materials. She believes that the sacred comes in many forms and regularly includes poetry, music, and other forms of creativity in her work. She teaches widely on the intersection of spirituality and mindfulness. Rabbi Jill is also the founder of Hineni, an online Jewish spirituality & mindfulness community.  She offers spiritual counseling, officiates lifecycle events & teaches online and in person. Rabbi Zimmerman is a spiritual activist and speaks out on issues of our time from a Jewish perspective. She is available for teaching, Scholar-in-Residence retreats, and day-long workshops.