A Month of Jewish Mindfulness

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A "Month of Jewish Mindfulness." This free series includes a 10-Day Mindfulness Challenge with innovative Jewish meditations and spiritual practices, a Mindfulness Shabbat, and free workshops.

You will learn powerful mindfulness practices through a Jewish lens. Whether you are new to meditation or want to enhance your established mindfulness practice with a Jewish perspective, this is for you.

Judaism, at its very core, is all about mindfulness.″ - Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

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What and When?

Receive daily tips and guidance from Rabbi Jill and join us for special Jewish mindfulness events live via Zoom.

Participate in all events or just a few:

  • Free 1 Hour Meditation Workshops Sunday, January 22 and Sunday, February 5
  • Mindfulness Shabbat on January 27 (4:30 pm PT)
  • 10-day Mindfulness Challenge Begins Tuesday, January 24

A Month of Jewish Mindfulness

Jewish Mindfulness is about bringing to life ancient Jewish practices that can make your life meaningful each day and each moment.  Here's what's included:

  • A 10-Day Mindfulness Challenge with mindfulness techniques & kavannot (intentions) delivered to your inbox each day;
  • Meditations include Lovingkindness (Chesed) practice for Self and Others, Hineni (Presence) & Breath Awareness;
  • Everyday Mindfulness Practices beyond meditation: poetry, gratitude, body awareness, self-talk, and more;
  • Learn & practice in a supportive, warm community;
  • Invitation to our Hineni Spiritual Community at the end of the month.

“When a person meditates in the fields, all the grasses join in [her] prayer and increase its effectiveness and power.”

- Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav

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with Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

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Your Teacher: Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

Founder, Path With Heart

Rabbi Jill is the founding rabbi of Path With Heart, which offers inclusive spiritual experiences and materials. She believes that the sacred comes in many forms and regularly includes poetry, music, and other forms of creativity in her work. She teaches widely on the intersection of spirituality and mindfulness. Rabbi Jill is also the founder of Hineni, an online Jewish spirituality & mindfulness community. Rabbi Jill is a graduate of Hebrew Union College. She received additional training from the Institute of Jewish Spirituality's Clergy Leadership Program and the Jewish Meditation Teacher Training.