return workbook

We come upon this High Holy Day season in the midst of a pandemic. This year, the themes of acknowledging what's broken and seeking wholeness have new urgency and relevance. I've created a number of offerings for spiritual preparation leading up to the High Holy Days with this motif. This free workbook is a companion guide. Please check your email (look in spam if you don't see it).

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Your guided workbook and soul-journey for the High Holy Day season.

By Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

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return workbook

Engaging in the process of "return" promises you nothing less than transformation.

Teshuvah (Hebrew for "return") is the primary cosmic energy of this season. We direct our hearts back to center.

We take stock of who we are, where we are, and who we want to be.

Taking the time to reflect on the past year makes the High Holy Day season exponentially more meaningful.

What Does Return/Teshuvah Mean In A Pandemic Year?

What relevance do the messages and themes of the High Holy Days have in a world that has been so profoundly disrupted?

They are even more pertinent. The metaphors of brokenness and wholeness take on new meaning.

We explore these dynamics in the workbook.


With Guidance From Rabbi Jill:
Your free workbook is divided into four weeks. You can print it out & use as a journal, or discuss with a small group.

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