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Stay Present. No Matter What.

Hineni is a heart-based community where we learn and practice living mindfully.

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman leads year-round Hineni experiences aimed to help you stay present, even in life’s most difficult moments.  



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Sliding scale from $54-$90 per month | Registration Deadline: Saturday, September 18, 9:00 pm PST

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My hope is that the personal growth you experience in Hineni improves every area of your life. In Hineni, you build your own spiritual tool-kit by learning principles, practices, and wisdom that are well-suited to this time.

– Rabbi Jill

Rabbi Jill

Walking Your Own Path to Presence

You realize one day that you choose to go on some journeys and other journeys choose you. We are living during a time of many ordeals—and it is our choice how we want to move through them.  

For some of you, this is personal in your own life—a loss, illness, or transition, and all that is associated.  

For others, the larger external conditions that threaten us are a constant source of stress. You take on the suffering you see, feel your values being torn apart, and you’re on high alert. You may be fearful or angry or outraged.  

And many of us are experiencing the pressure of both personal and external challenges.  

We do not choose what happens to us or the time we are born into, but we always choose how we respond.  

It is possible to walk through these times with Presence, Joy, and Inspiration. We can move forward with a supportive community of peers.

It is obtainable—and, for some, an imperative—to find an oasis of stillness. There, you can reconnect and remember when to take a break, when you need inspiration, when to ask for help, and remember what is important. You can learn to make meaning out of times and situations that are challenging.

This is the purpose of Hineni: Your Path to Presence.


Community Offerings

In Hineni, you walk the Path to Presence with our community of members. There are many activities that you can choose to participant with in Hineni. Show up and find what works for you.

This is what we offer:

  • Engage with one step on the Path to Presence each month
  • Attend in-depth online Live Sessions with Rabbi Jill every other week—1 hour each, offered at 2 different times of the week—to discuss ways of integrating the Path to Presence (Recordings available)
  • Attend our weekly Shabbat Community for meditation, song, healing & Kaddish with occasional special musical guests
  • Do your own Personal Reflection and Spiritually-Enriching Practices, aided by worksheets and meditations
  • Watch & discuss one interview with a Guest Teacher every other month as a way of getting a broader perspective on the core teaching
  • Relate to everything you're learning with other members & Rabbi Jill on the Hineni Community message board
  • 10-Meditation Challenges
  • Bonus: As a member of Hineni, you are invited to join Core Courses taught by Rabbi Jill at no additional cost, including The Journey of Self-Discovery Through the Wilderness (during the Omer after Passover) and Spiritual Preparation for the High Holy Days

And how we do things:

  • Works of creativity such as Poetry, Music, & Art are woven throughout everything we do
  • Find out about each resource when it's introduced via email
  • Our live sessions use Zoom for questions and group interaction
  • All resources are accessible online through the Hineni Member Center
  • The Hineni Community message board is hosted on Facebook Groups

Open Registration

Sliding scale from $54 - $90 per month | Registration Deadline: Saturday, September 18, 9:00 pm PST

This link directs to Rabbi Jill's community website for payment.

The Process

Walking the Path to Presence

The first step of the journey is simply waking up. From this place of personal awareness, whether positive or negative, you can begin to take meaningful action for yourself.  

Then in the second step of the journey, you deepen your understanding by asking questions and recognizing your core values.

For the third step, you begin to see where you are in terms of your entire life journey. You see how your current life situation fits into the process of your own becoming. You learn how the larger themes of journey enhance your understanding of the map to the territory that is your life.  

When you get to the fourth step, it's about digging deep into the blessings that are often found within your struggles. And you begin to look for the goodness that can emerge from having wrestled with challenges. 

At step five, you explore your own understanding of what sacred means to you in the context of your life, in each situation. You begin to understand how to look for personal enlightenment that sustains you.

And finally, at step six, you stand fully in your own presence, being with whatever is happening, knowing and trusting that being Here and being Present is a place of holiness.

At the end, you return to the beginning. Over and over. Even moment by moment.

The process is often not linear. In the Hineni Community, we celebrate how we are learning to become present in our own lives and how we're growing into the best version of ourselves. 

The Experience

Letter from Rabbi Jill

Dear Path With Heart community,

As a rabbi, I am immersed in the world of Jewish teachings and stories. When you're part of Hineni, I get to share these wisdom teachings with you on an ongoing basis. You will be introduced to ideas that may be new, or they may remind of what you once knew but may have forgotten. 

I've also built relationships with incredible spiritual leaders. I bring these remarkable teachers into Hineni to share their deep wisdom and gifts. You can listen to their stories as a source for comfort and inspiration. 

In Hineni, the process is as important as the content. You are in a community of mutual respect and deep listening. Hineni is a safe place to share your journey, learn from others, and know that you will be accepted exactly as you are.

The experience of Hineni challenges your mind but further, it invites you to bring attention to your heart, soul, emotions, and body. I share poetry, art, and music that speak to the realm beyond logic. I encourage you to share what inspires you as well. This is an invitation to remember where joy is found and to practice gratitude.

The spiritual practices introduced in Hineni are transformational. You're invited to time aside for meditation and journaling. Engaging in mindfulness practices helps you find an oasis within the center of your being. Use that place to reconnect with your deepest intentions.  

You learn to use the space between "stimulus and response" and find a place of personal empowerment. It sweetens life in the small and big ways.

With love,
Rabbi Jill

Guest Teachers

Rabbi Laurie Matzkin
Embodied Practice, Yoga & Torah

Rabbi Joel Simonds
Wisdom Texts & Social Justice

Composer Murry Sidlin Lessons in Resilience From the Musicians at Terezin Concentration Camp

Joanne Fink
Mindful Coloring & Creativity

Gary Gach
Pause, Breath, Smile: Mindfulness For Everyday Life

Monthly Themes & Live Sessions

Live Sessions take place every other week. We hold them at two different times in order to accommodate more schedules.

Live sessions: Tuesdays at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET and Thursdays at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET

Shabbat Meditations Every Friday at 4:30 pm PT // 7:30 pm ET

The live sessions are hosted online using Zoom video conferencing. You can access the recording of each session on the follow-up email or by logging into the Hineni community website.  

2021 - 2022 Schedule


  • Sept 6-7 Rosh Hashanah
  • Sept 21 and Sept 23
  • Sept 15-16 Yom Kippur 


  • Oct 5 and Oct 7
  • Oct 19 and Oct 21  


  • Nov 2 and Nov 4
  • Nov 16 and Nov 18 


  • Dec 7 and Dec 9
  • Dec 21 and Dec 23  


  • Jan 4 and Jan 6
  • Jan 18 and Jan 20  


  • Feb 1 and Feb 3
  • Feb 15 and Feb 17  


  • Mar 1 and Mar 3
  • Mar 15 and Mar 17


  • Apr 5 and Apr 7
  • Apr 19 and Apr 21


  • May 43 and May 5
  • May 17 and May 19  


  • June 7 and June 9
  • June 21 and June 23 


  • July 5 and July 7
  • July 19 and July 21


  • Aug 2 and August 4 
  • Aug 16 and Aug 18

What People Are Saying About Hineni

Hineni has allowed me to go deeper within myself in order to better connect with my Judaism. The Mindfulness techniques and mystical leanings of Rabbi Jill are exactly what I was looking for to draw me closer to the texts of Judaism. I am grateful for this course. ” – Karen

Rabbi Jill is masterful at creating spaces in which people feel safe to be vulnerable and true, which of course gives everyone the freedom to relax and be real. It's like she gives people a key to unlock Judaism and their own hearts. ” – Rabbi Rachel

I have always needed community in my life. Rabbi Jill and Hineni is a crucial Jewish structure to add to the retirement community in which I live. I'm new to the community (though not Rabbi Jill) and find this course wonderful.
– Rabbi Rim

"Thank you for creating a safe, inclusive and welcoming community- you are a gifted and special person/rabbi and you are absolutely right: How awesome is this place - mah nora ha-makon ha-zeh. I cherish the soul sisters I have found in Hineni. They are a lifeline."
– HR

Words are insufficient to tell you how much you have enriched my life, given comfort and inspiration. The highlights of my week are always the times with you. Thank you for everything you do."
– Ter

Hineni helps me deal with my grief by accepting that it’s ok to be exactly where I am - I also feel less hopeless and fear in regards to the news of today by learning some simple tools of comfort. ” – Susan

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman is a gem of a teacher and spiritual guide. With warmth and genuine presence she guides her learners and spiritual seekers to a life of self-discovery and spiritual kinship. I cannot recommend working with her more highly.
– Rabbi Lauren Tuchman

Thank you Rabbi Jill for the profound, beautiful, magical Holy spaces you continuously unfold for us to courageously explore and excavate our own Holy spaces both within and outside of ourselves." – Brenda

Rabbi Jill

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

Rabbi Zimmerman is the founder and spiritual leader of Path With Heart and the Jewish spirituality & mindfulness community Hineni.

As an activist with a large following on Twitter, the Rabbi speaks out on the issues of our times from a Jewish perspective. Rabbi Jill practices spiritual counseling and is a scholar-in-residence.

She received her rabbinic ordination from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. Her Jewish mindfulness and a certificate in meditation teacher training from the Institute of Jewish Spirituality.  

Open Registration

Sliding scale starts at $54 per month | Registration Deadline: Saturday, September 18 @ 9 pm PST

This link directs to Rabbi Jill's community website for payment.